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I embarked on this one after re-binging the prequel and First Offense. I swear, the more I read from this pair, the more I love them.

Reading book 1, it dawned on me that this series very much depicts those in power keeping those not in power enslaved—and the lengths to which they’ll go to keep them oppressed and unaware of the amount of power they actually possess. So … not so different than the real world, just depicted with angels. Absolutely epic, pulled off brilliantly. The reader knows more than some characters at any given moment, as we’re treated to multiple POVs, and it is FASTpaced and exhilarating. I am fairly certain I will re-binge this series every time a new book comes out and then … still repeatedly in completion once it’s over. This book has no shortage of:

  • Amazing writing.

  • Scandal / betrayal / espionage

  • Drama

  • Found family

  • Mystery

  • Action (of all types)

  • Dystopian vibes

  • Royals

  • A small, oppressed people actively working to rise above.

  • An extremely juicy twist that both First Offense and the prequel have led up to beautifully.

Ends on a wicked cliffie—

Don’t worry. For one thing, it’s absolutely juicy and worth it. For another, Third Offense is available in print, eBook and audio, so no need to die waiting for it.

And so much more. Highly recommend.


This entire cast & production team is AMAZING. The sound quality is high and the voices and performances themselves are perfection. 5-star performance and production.

ALL the stars.

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