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From the Mind of A Reader

Out of Your Comfort Zone

As an old-school reader, having read tens of thousands of books I have a confession. Since the early 90s, my genre of choice has been Romance and all the subgenres of romance. Historical, rom-com, paranormal, explicit, name it, if it was romance, I was reading it. I am going to write a completely unbiased review. I am not going to pick the grammar to death (it would be hilarious if I did, as a friend — who often edits my blog posts so I don't embarrass myself —calls me a grammar vandal). I read for the joy of reading. I enjoy the story. I don't write a review as a favor. My reviews are not a matter of 'I will give you a good review if you give me a good one'. And I am not alone.

Once I got my first Kindle in 2009, it was even more pronounced. Rereading all my long time favorites, Johanna Lindsey, Virginia Henley, Judith Krantz, Susan Johnson, Susan Elizabeth Phillips;  finding new-to-me series by authors like Anne Conley and her Pierce Security series, the Love at Stake series by Kerrelyn Sparks...I was in heaven.

After the proliferation of all the FSoG-esque erotica I had to step away from romance. I guess I was suffering from smut-fatigue. I took an extended break from reading, with the exception of re-reading J. D. Robb's In Death series each time a new installment was soon to be released.

Late last year, I decided to pick up my Kindle again, but I didn't want to get through another romance overdose so I decided I would, going forward read very few romance novels, instead focus on genres outside of my comfort zone.

Spreading my literature wings has been amazing. I have read so many wonderful and engrossing books over the last few months. Books I never would have picked up before due to my romance tunnel vision.

I started off with Michael Connelly's Bosch series, have picked up a Tyrus' memoir, Marie Powell's fantasy omnibus, geo-political thrillers by  Gary Grossman as well as those he co-wrote with Ed Fuller. I have been reading Hank Phillippi Ryan, James Patterson. I read my first ever cozy mystery by Dionne Lister,  a holiday novella with a magical twist by C. Streetlights.

Last night I finished up Tosca Lee's The Line Between. I will be honest, I was resistant because it's listed as Christian mystery, for personal reasons I choose to keep religion out of my reading choices. But I am so happy I took the chance because if I hadn't I would have missed out on one of the most engrossing storylines I have ever read.

I challenge everyone who has gotten into a reading rut or who reads one or two genres exclusively to step out of your reading comfort zone and spend a few months reading genres you normally don't. You won't be disappointed.

If you need some recommendations, be sure to check out my recent reviews or my read books on Goodreads.

Reprinted with permission from eBookBuilders

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