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Audio Book Review Last Breath : Karin Slaughter

Last Breath : Karin Slaughter

Last Breath is the prequel to the book, The Good Daughter. This is a novella, but don’t let its length fool you. This is my first book by Karin Slaughter, and it absolutely didn’t disappoint.

This short, four-hour audiobook introduces us to defense Charlie, a lawyer in a small down Pikeville. It is not short on suspense or character depth as we build to a surprise ending that I didn’t see coming. It’s an incomplete story, leading to the next book, The Good Daughter. But she has a masterful way of tying everything up in a perfect bow while still leaving you panting for the next book, knowing that there is more coming just around the corner. That being said, I picked up The Good Daughter as soon as this one ended.

The book is fast-paced with realistic characters. Their reactions are real, making the book that much easier to fall into.

The narration of the audiobook is done by Kathleen Early, a superb voice actress that pulls you into the story with outstanding character work and perfect pace as you listen. Her inflection and work make a great story that much greater.

This is a great place to start if you haven’t read her books before. It’s short enough that you aren’t committing to anything heavy, leaving you grasping for more.

If you are a fan of mystery and thriller, grab this one. You won’t be sorry.

About The Guest Reviewer

Rachael Tamayo is the bestselling author of the award-winning Deadly Sins Series and award-winning thriller Crazy Love, among several other titles.  Before she started her writing career, she was a highly awarded 911 emergency services dispatcher with twelve years of experience and many commendations under her belt.

Upon exiting law enforcement, she focused her writing career on the dark, suspenseful, and psychological after beginning as a romance author.  Now Rachael uses her dark thriller as a sort of self-therapy after all those years answering 911 calls and working all that she knows and was exposed to into the frighteningly realistic and layered characters her readers know and love her for.  Rachael lives on the Texas Gulf Coast in Houston, Texas, with her husband and their two children. 

You can also read Rachael’s book reviews on her website at, Bookbub, and Goodreads.

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